Leelands, born from a passion for farming

Frustrated with the level of lamb returns, we talked for many years about going direct to the consumer. In 2007, we decided to follow our dreams and hit the streets with a chilly bin full of Leelands finest cuts.

Mediterranean Market in Queenstown was the first customer to come on board and they continue to support us loyally. We deliberately chose to grow slowly, crawling before we walked, endeavouring to offer a seamless service to our valued clients. We are now proud to work alongside some fabulously talented chefs working their magic with Leelands lamb throughout the country.

This has already been a great journey and we’re very excited about the future of our export-quality, honest Southland-reared lamb. With this passion and excitement we give you the opportunity to buy our lamb directly from us.

Leelands lambs are grown on pasture that’s treasured and cared for with sustainability in mind. We only use natural rock fertilisers and minimise drenching with soil and animal health always at the forefront of our mind.

Our lamb cuisine comes to you having been perfectly aged for five days. It is then prepared into convenient cuts for both the home chef and New Zealand restaurant market.

Many of our cuts can be cooked and plated in just thirty minutes – see our recipe page for some ideas. What’s more we offer this service 52 weeks of the year. For too long gourmet export lamb has been unavailable to New Zealanders. At last you can now enjoy the best. You deserve it. Come and experience the Leelands quality – join us on our journey.